Locked Out, What To Do? 

Getting locked out can be a stressful situation! We’ve seen it time and time again, you run out to grab the post or nip to the car and the door locks behind you.
This can be worse when there are pets or children still inside the house.
Thankfully we are on hand to get you back in with non-intrusive methods.

What are the first steps after being locked out?

The first steps in any lockout situation are to gain entry from another person in the house like a partner or flatmate. 
This is the easiest option when it comes to being locked out although this can be a little inconvenient, especially if the other party is out of the house. 

If the house is rented you may be able to contact your landlord or letting agency and they should have a copy of the key to let you back in. 

But bare in mind, some letting agencies will charge a fee for the convenience 

Don’t try to force entry!

Forcing entry may seem like a good idea at the time considering how stressful a lockout can be. 
But trust us, it’s not! 

Windows and doors are designed to keep people out and to keep you safe, making them increasingly harder to gain entry into the house. Climbing up on outbuildings and on flat roofs is very dangerous and has the potential to go very wrong quickly. 
Besides the obvious threat of falling whilst trying to climb in an open window you also have the possibility of neighbours, trying to do the right thing and calling the police and informing then of a break-in. 
A 2018 study found that 68% of Britons said they didn’t know their neighbours, it’s a big risk to take and ultimately not worth the hassle. 


Amazing service. We locked ourselves out on Good Friday morning and had the added problem of lockdown. After only half an hour Mr Osborne arrived even though he had an extremely painful foot.
Within minutes he had managed to open our front door. Panic over.
Can’t thank him enough.
Neighbours have also experienced the same excellent service from Osborne’s

Ken Gornall


Superb service. My mum snapped the key in her front door. They called back, which is rare for any business these days, turned up on time within 2.5 hours, repaired it within 20 minutes at a really fair price. I wish I got service as good as this more often. Great!

Barney Halse

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Give us a call

Calling a locksmith is always the safest bet to gain entry back into your house if you have been locked out.

But don’t just call any locksmith!

Here at S.J Osborne & Son Locksmiths we always try to use non-destructive methods of entry, meaning we can get you back into your property fast and with minimal to no damage to the lock system.

This saves you both money, time and a lot of stress.
If a lock needs to be changed we will always provide you with a quote, we never carry out work without your consent. Top-quality work at a price you expect.

With over 40 years of experience, we are the best equipped to deal with any lockout situation.

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